Want to join AWLL? Here’s where you start:

First, decide if you would like an Individual or Business Membership (criteria below).

Then head on over to our Join Us page, click the appropriate button, pay your dues and you’re on your way!

Individual AWLL Membership is open to all women who:

  1. work in the field of law;

  2. live or intend to live, or do business in or near London; and

  3. support the objectives of the AWLL.

Business Membership is Open to Any Law Firm or Corporation which:

  1. Has employees who either:

    a) are licensed to practice law in a U.S. state; or

    b) have other ties to the U.S. legal community;

  2. Conducts business in or near London; and

  3. Supports the goals and aims of AWLL