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Our Mission:


We are a group of London-based women with ties to the American legal community. We aim to provide professional development support to our members. We do this through educational events, networking and mentoring opportunities and promotion of our members’ achievements. AWLL seeks to empower women by providing resources for them to achieve balance personally and excel professionally in the London legal market.


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Our Goals:

AWLL is committed to:

  • supporting women lawyers by creating mentor relationships with more senior women lawyers to facilitate access to role models;

  • educating members by organising professional development seminars and lectures on current legal topics;

  • promoting the professional achievements of members; and

  • strengthening bonds between members through networking events.

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I joined AWLL online when I knew I was moving to London without a job or any close friends in the area. I was not only looking for networking events but also for opportunities to meet people who I could truly connect with on a personal level (because let’s be honest, networking can be painful!).

Seven years later, I can say that AWLL has given me both of those. I’ve been offered jobs and met some of my best friends through it; I’ve found a community of women who understand challenges in moving to London and in the legal market. I’ve found friends who have been there through career changes, started new firms (and supported each other even when we were in competition), wrestled with cultural differences in the workplace and our own relationships, and started families in a place far away from our own.

If you are wondering how to make AWLL a successful experience for you, I’d urge anyone who has time to join the board so that you can get to know its members and mission on a personal level. I’ve served on it twice and truly enjoyed it both times. AWLL has given this American Woman Lawyer in London a professional and personal community that’s helped shaped her life for the better here. I hope it can do the same for you.
— Mackie
At my first AWLL event in 2013, I knew this was a valuable organisation to become a part of. Through AWLL I’ve made some great connections, gained invaluable knowledge and had a lot of fun in the process!
— molly


Our Goals

AWLL is committed to:

  • supporting 

  • educating

  • promoting 

  • strengthening 

A bit of our history…

AWLL began as an informal networking group in the mid -1980s under the leadership of the late Kathy Ward, who made extraordinary contributions to the American legal community in London by single-handedly organizing meetings to enable women in the legal profession to connect with like-minded women, share information about career opportunities and develop friendships and informal mentor relationships in a supportive environment.

We strive to honor Ms Ward’s legacy in keeping the organization alive and developing an even larger community, maintaining strong connections amongst our group.


While our member benefits focus on educational and professional support, we at AWLL also know that a little fun along the way is vital to work-life balance! Therefore, AWLL has partnered with several top companies to offer exclusive discounts and benefits to members. Find more information on the discounts available at leading spas, salons, shops, hotels and career coaching services here.

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